Vox Pop pdx
3 years ago
Reflecting on the kindness of 2010.

Yesterday, I went downtown and asked folks to reflect on the kindness they experienced this past year. Today I present the Vox Pop pdx Kindness Report 2010.

Listen today at noon on Radio23’s Cascade Community Radio

I invite you to reflect on the kindness you have experienced this past year. What kindness have you noticed? What has moved you to commit acts of kindness? How about kindness directed toward you? How did you receive it? What acts of kindness did you witness? I’d like to hear about your experiences. Share with me on facebook or twitter @VoxPoppdx

I have been blessed with so much kindness this past year. I am deeply grateful for each and every experience of kindess. I dedicate this show to the people in my life who have given of themselves to me and also to everyone I have met on these radio adventures this past year. Thank you.

I am celebrating the closing of 2010 and the birth of a New Year remembering kindness.

Thank you so very much for listening,

Cherie Blackfeather

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