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3 years ago
Don’t Ask Policies? Do Tell!

Today’s episode of vox  pop pdx is titled Don’t Ask Policies. LISTEN HERE.


What do you think about a national policy that basically states that we must all agree to “not know” what we already know? Is that rational? Is that grown-up? Is that constitutional?

Where is your voice in the matter? 

Tax breaks for the super wealthy?, unemployment benefits and jobs? Do you feel like a hostage?

What about wikileaks? What have you learned from the released documents? Do we have a right to know? Do you want to know?

Here’s some interesting food for thought on the subject.


Join me here on this blog or on facebook. Do Tell!

Thanks for listening.


Also for your consideration: Diabolus in Musica by Dan Gilsdorf.

Recorded by Cherie Blackfeather at PICA’s Time Based Art Festival 2010 for Vox Pop pdx and Radio23.org. LISTEN

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